CBG Healing and Horses

People from all walks of life suffer from injuries and trauma which can be both physical and mental.  These afflictions can arise from instant events or over extended periods of time.  How they appear to health care givers is highly varied and not always easy to diagnose or to pinpoint.  It takes time, effort and insight to get to the bottom of problems before they can be treated.  With experience and long term understanding of these subjects, people in need of healing can be connected to these two associated professionals who connect those in need to horses that possess an uncanny sensitivity to what some people are in need of.  Horses don’t judge us, but apparently they have some energy or empathy with humans who are hurting and can help us relieve symptoms of trauma.  While we may not fully understand what is taking place, the improvement in patients is sufficient to warrant such holistic treatments that seem to work well for many who have given it a chance.

This service is readily available in Kent County, so if you know someone who is suffering from injury, fears, sadness, anxiety, etc then maybe some counseling and therapy ought to be sought out.


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