Judges and attorneys get to see and hear many deeply interesting tales during their careers.  Over time, the best ones stand out as ones which not only are entertaining, but have potential to also be highly educational.  They are somewhat the equivalent of Aesop’s Tales.  A good story with an outcome that can be instructive.  We learned about Guidelines, Regulations and Laws.  How they differ and also how they work in unison with one another.  The stories of those plaintiffs who were too greedy to accept fair judgments, and the stories of juries who did great jobs as well as those which came up with nearly incredible awards.  That’s our system and in the overall, that’s our justice.  Imperfect, but free.  Better than many or most systems, but not above legitimate criticism from time to time.  It does make for great questions and even better discussions.  You missed a truly involving and good session if you were not there.


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