Trey Hill of Harborview Farm. 12-20-2018

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We asked Trey to address several topics.  He mentioned them all and spoke about all of them in a way that was professional and diplomatic.  What a refreshing way to get honest information.  Everyone in the audience now has a far better understanding of Trey’s 100% no-till method of farming.  We now know why he does it and how it works.  The science of farming is amazing and deep.  Thankfully we have professional farmers such as Trey Hill who are constantly mastering the changes and regulations.  We covered the effects of trade tariffs, carbon neutral policies, GMO’s, organic farming alternatives, blockchain sourcing, satellite linking of farming fields, reduction of pesticide and weed killer use, and a few more.  We are lucky to have such a well rounded professional in our midst who is willing to share, listen, learn and teach.  




The last time we hosted Scott Budden was in 2015.  He was then working on a long list of permits in order to start his dream of culturing oysters in the Chester River.  Since then he has progressed into the early stages of what looks like a successful commercial venture.  He has the knowledge and the desire combined with a strong work ethic.  To grow oysters takes not only a lot of knowledge, but the work attitude of traditional watermen combined with modern outlooks on making tradition and non-tradition work together.

Here is a link which gives more of the story and contact information.


Theresa Simmons is rather new at her job with The Resorts, but she brings years of experience at many levels of nursing and administration of care to her new role in Chestertown.  She made a presentation that truly stimulated a beneficial give and take with our audience.  You could tell how important the topic of long term care and rehabilitative care was to those who attended this morning.  We had questions, comments and recounting of experiences which were all beneficial.  Theresa did a good job interacting with us and gave us straight answers which put many of us at ease with her approach.

While the mystery of end of life issues are all around us, those in long term care facility management deal with the reality day in and day out.  It was good information to get from someone with vast experience who was willing to respond without a sales agenda.

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