Jamie Williams has been in this position now for over a year and tells us every day she learns more and more about the rules, regulations and tactics of the players.  She also has gained a way better handle on the sources and extent of funds, tax credits, incentives and grants which are available some of which rarely are even applied for.  There is slow and optimistic progress in getting businesses to locate here or to remain and expand here.  This is good news because it appears it is being done right and fairly.  While no one says they want unrestricted growth, few would promote zero growth.  Keeping control and finding compatible ways to increase the possibilities of employment and development are constantly being looked for.

Jamie brought us a long list of things that have been attended to in the past year.  It was organized and shows real promise.  We understand there is a list of 25 properties Washington College has the intention of selling.  She said she’d send it to me and we will post it on our site just in case you might like to know the situation.


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