Tourism brings not only lots of people to spend their money in Kent County, but it also is one of the engines that brings us new, long term residents.  People see a lifestyle they really like, fall in love with the area and decide to live here permanently.  The diverse efforts made to attract visitors and to explain the many things which they can do and visit while they are here resides with the two people staffing our office of tourism.  No big bureaucracy, just two people working along with business and event partners producing several publications, schedules, calendars, advertising and promotions.  Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all now play an active part as well as traditional brochures and print ads.  It is a big effort, but the statistics show it really pays off very well.


Check out this link.  Make it a “Favorite” so you can easily find it again.  When you have visitors, look it up and see what’s taking place, where to go, and what you might do.


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