There is no question that there is a long list of things which could be improved or developed in our area and in Chestertown.  With the advent of Federal legislation in the tax reform act of 2016 Opportunity Funds were established.  Investors with capital gains can defer and decrease the amount of tax due by investing in such funds.  The funds are administrated by folks such as Tom Timberman.  The investments can cover a wide range of ideas and programs which seek to improve or create in areas where there is a concentration of poverty.  However, most investors want to invest where the risks are not high and the potential for financial gain has some assurance.  That’s capitalism and that’s what wealthy investors tend to desire.    The issue appears that the list of what citizens and Tom want are things like affordable housing, better public transportation, better schools and diverse educational opportunities, and more and better paying jobs.  Typical wealthy investors tend to want to promote and develop upscale apartments, fancy hotels, more shopping, conference centers and money making enterprises.  
Tom Timberman’s task is to find the unique blend of public spirited wealthy investor who might be willing to sacrifice some, or possible all financial gain, in order to make our local main town a better and more livable place for those who are likely not affluent.  Raising us all from the bottom up is a worthy goal, but can Timberman accomplish his mission?  Time will tell as the story is just in the early stages.  Thank you Tom and we wish you success with your efforts.
We hope to have Timberman back in the near future to discuss with us the effect of tariffs on international trade.  Such tariffs are having an impact on our local agricultural economy and should be better understood.

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