20190228 CBG Dr Bill Schindler WC ES Food Lab - 0801

What an exciting and educational meeting we had this morning with Dr. Schindler.  We now know a tiny bit more about our complex food history for the past 3.5 million years and about our current position with nutrition and bad eating habits of the past few decades.  If we weren’t having so much fun, we’d be deeply concerned.  Food as we know it today is highly altered and not always made to be the best for us.  It is made to last a long time, but much of the food value is trapped or simply lost in the processing.  We are very disconnected from real food and real understanding of this most basic human need.  At least now we know this is the situation.


It sounds like the Blue Heron will be the epicenter of what may become a local revolution or at least an educational hub for the region when it comes to re-connecting with good nutrition and healthy eating styles.   You can just imagine how excited some of Dr. Schindler’s students must become when they begin to hear his philosophy and facts.  Not only is he a very fine educator, but he is living his methodology successfully.  It is a big win-win for the College and our community.


We urge readers to go to the events of the Eastern Shore Food Lab and to gain more understanding of what food ought to be.  FInd out more about what to eat and how not to let so much good food go to waste.  Our eyes are now open!


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