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Local radio has evolved into streaming around the world via the Internet.  However, the news which concerns our  local citizens and one time locals who have moved elsewhere still is generated in Chestertown and in Kent County.  WCTR has programming, news and information which meets the needs and interests of this unique demographic audience.  Not only in broadcasting, but now the company has morphed into one which joins traditional on-air advertising into one which can create and manage websites and the myriad of social media advertising needs of modern business.  For those of you who have no social media understanding, then you need to know that modern businesses often make a huge success in business by knowing how to use these modern connectivity tools.  If you don’t understand it, then you may need to hire this expertise to make your business successful.  That’s what you must know.  If you can buy the expertise and if they know how to use it on your behalf you are covered.


You really need to look up the WCTR website to figure out the program content.  It is local, but covers national news, up to date weather, and business.  The topics are a great blend of what may interest Kent County residents, but it is not limited to just local happenings.  While the market for over the air radio is not growing, there is reason to believe that broadcasting via the Internet and localized over the air radio will continue to be a strong but boutique business model for many years to come.  Combine this with a business that can leverage advertising into the mix and there may be a perfect package for what our area needs.





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