Beth MacLeod, Julie Donovan and Dave Pierson visited with us for over an hour explaining how their Maryland Cannabis sales operation is being run in Harford County.  It seems that soon a similar operation will be opening in Centreville.  There presentation was thorough and tight.  They really do care about folks who have pain, mental issues and other symptoms which some forms of cannabis are seen to treat with great anecdotal efficiency.  It makes sense to me why these treatments should be legal and obtainable, but admittedly, we do not have all the normal evidence from thorough and complete FDA drug trials.  There is a very long history of society using these drugs without any large body of negative evidence.  For now, that’s what we have to go on.  Since it has been so very unproductive to lock citizens up for using or selling products related to cannabis, we are now on the road to total decriminalization.  While I think the real evidence is still somewhat light, I am happy to see the law change to fit today’s reality.  Noting is created by laws which can’t be changed later when we simply know more.


Users are being assisted by trained staff who help them purchase medicine that is best suited for their needs.   However, it appears that those qualified customers may choose to purchase the psychoactive variety of cannabis drugs which are more related to getting high.  Is this what all the regulation and red tape miss?  If recreational use becomes legal, then “who cares”?  


The benefits of the products available may be worth any risks associated with recreational abuse or extraordinary long term effects.  We will see, in time.  It was really educational and wonderful sharing of experiences.  You missed a great meeting.



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