chrissyChrissy Chisholm was accompanied by a Kent County Opiod Intervention Team member, Dianelle Laney.  They both gave us honest and open accounts of the circumstances that have left them totally dedicated to helping people who have fallen down the deep and dark rabbit hole of drugs, abuse and lost dreams.  It isn’t a pretty picture, but it is a reality for a good number of people living among us.  Many can’t be spotted easily, some mask it better than others.  For those where little hope is left, someone must be there or that person will die.  Many of these people who have lost their way can be helped to make complete or near complete recovery, but those with drug and addiction issues need to develop the mindset and will power not ever repeat what led them there.  A life long plan of resistance to temptation needs to be learned and re-enforced.


While there are some upsetting issues involved concerning personal freedom of choice, there is no question that society should discourage behaviors which create criminals out of people who never would wish to harm anyone or to steal the property of others.  The little switch in some people’s brains that is triggered by use of addictive drugs is still a mystery, but we know it is there.  It seems to be inherent but is it all genetic or is part potentially the environment one is brought up in?  We may not yet know, but the way to alleviate this is to go into programs which provide help in turning off the switch and sealing it behind layers of strength and learning about one’s own weaknesses.  Those fortunate enough to get a bed at the Mission House will surely get the support, love, trust and care they must have to make it out of addiction.


People such as Chrissy and Dianelle are real assets to Kent County and Chestertown.  They are doing things which most of us would find very difficult, dirty and hard.  They are doing it with a high goal of helping others and seem to feel rewarded.  They certainly should be honored and appreciated for the things they are doing which the majority of us never will see.  It was a great showcase of what is going on around here in a low key way, but in a way that is of high importance to all citizens.


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