Richard Thorp joined us today to describe how he arrived in Chestertown some years ago and established a state of the art cancer research facility.  He has had a career which is almost unimaginable.    From NASA to traveling the world doing helpful research which has led to many firsts and cures for disease.  Today, Richard spoke about how to eat well while reducing your risk of getting cancer.  Staying healthy is the overall message.  Mostly, the talk was on proper nutrition and food choices.  Avoiding High Fructose Corn Syrup and Soybean Oil were the main targets of avoidance.  Reading the labels on pre-made foods is crucial to avoiding bad things often found in commercial products.  Some very similar looking products are just fine, but you just must read the labels to know.


A great talk from a true asset living right in our community.  If you ever have a cancer question or need treatment, make Richard Thorp a first resource.  He really knows this topic from all the perspectives.



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