Dawn Jacobs and Art Kendall both made very much the same plea for civility, better financial planning and for bringing back governmental functionality in Rock Hall.  The current Mayor, Brian Jones, was notably absent.  One is left to assume he believes he will simply get re-elected by the large following of citizens that he feels are in his corner.  This may or may not be the case.  We wanted a complete forum, but those in attendance learned what these two hopefuls have in their minds.  We did have a truly exceptional hour of two candidates expressing their points of view.  That’s what CBG is known for.


Both had somewhat equal plans.  Both made their case with truly intense attention paid by Kent CBG participants.  It was elevating to hear two people speak so well of Rock Hall and both agreed much can be done by putting the government there back into working order.  It will take some sacrifice and there will be some increase in taxes, but neither expressed any doubt about turning the situation around.


We hope everyone will go hear the League of Women voters forum which is coming up soon with all three candidates.  The current Mayor needs to be heard and ought to explain about some of the past history under his leadership.  The citizens need to decide if new faces equate to better things, or if the status quo is what works.  The writer believes we need new approaches, civility and better planning.  Let’s see how the election goes.


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