20190425 Kent CBG Jacob Vassalotti - 3456

Jacob Vassalotti did a great short in about 15 minutes telling us what is problematic about any thought of placing a high traffic corridor and bridge into Kent County from the Eastern Shore.  He didn’t exaggerate or hype the problems, but simply showed with very good graphics how terrifically difficult it would be to properly locate such a large flow of traffic.  Major roadways eat a lot of space.  Kent County has so many protected land zones from so many varied sources, that one could take years unraveling the rights to build anything, let alone a continuous highway whose main purpose is to send tourists to the Atlantic side of the Delmarva peninsula.  His solution was most logical.  Build and additional span where the existing bridge is at Annapolis.  Do whatever can be done on 301 and 50 to make it wider and flow better.  The folks near that bridge and those roads are stuck with traffic, noise and pollution.  Many of them opted for that exact scenario, many for the convenience of commuting to the Eastern shore.


It was a fine opportunity for our early risers to meet someone who can so well express his vision and knowledge.  We’d love to host more WC students who have great ideas.


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