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Eleanor Collyer and David Strong, Sr. presented their history and their aspirations for the Town of Rock Hall.  They are two of the four candidates for the two open slots in the soon to be held May local election.  You could feel their sincerity and caring attitude about our little town.  As in many towns all over the USA, Rock Hall has looming large bills, no reserve capital and aging infrastructure.  We do have a very viable location, active tourism and many possibilities that will get us through this crisis.  We need good people who are willing to work honestly, openly and fairly with one another even when they have differing opinions.  Maybe we will get lucky and things here will begin to go in the right direction.


There is a great divide between those who have lived in Rock Hall for generations and those of us who have moved here more recently.  It is a division with many features of large separation that can’t be overlooked or dismissed.  We love it here because the town reflects mid-1900 period living and gives the remoteness necessary to get away with being somewhat behind the times.  The locals want it to always remain this way, but financial and development forces are always looming.  Change will come no matter how hard you fight it.  What we need is a smart and fair balance that preserves the best things and makes use of the income to bring our infrastructure up to acceptable levels.  We also need sufficient income to re-create a rainy day fund for surprise expenses that are bound to occur.


We urge Rock Hall residents to VOTE.  Get informed and pick the best candidate for the job.


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