Mr. Rothwell is a lifelong resident of Maryland and the Eastern Shore.  He has extensive experience in city planning and historic preservation decision making.  He gave u s an overview of what has taken place in towns such as Middletown, DE and Wilmington, DE.  The kind of support and planning differ greatly from what is going on in our region.  Needless to say, the results are quite a contrast to our own area.  It seems certain that most everyone likes what we have here in a far deeper way, but what will the long term consequences of not expanding our horizons at a more rapid pace?  We can’t know with certainty, but it is food for thought.  No one knows for sure if Kent County, Chestertown in particular, will survive the kinds of changes society and business are undergoing nearly everywhere else.  Will be be the last paradise or become a poster child for failure to make needed changes?  Time will tell.


A thinking person might ask, “What can be done which makes chances for viability more assured without hurting the rural nature of our area?”  The problem is finding solutions which answer the question.  Good minds are working on it.  We’ll see what happens is about where we are today.



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