There is a lot of history in the area of Chestertown that many white people do not know much about.  Since emancipation up until the mandated end of segregation in the mid 1960’s Chestertown had a vibrant black community which was not visible on the surface to the white community, but went on with great vigor even if not on the front page of the news.  There were many churches, black owned businesses, dance halls, bars, and performance venues which thrived and were supported.  Legacy days seeks to bring out this less known history and make it live for everyone to share and participate in. 


All are welcomed and everyone can have a great time.  This year the main event is held on August 17th.  There will be a parade, food vendors, gospel music, live and recorded bands and performers and dancing in the streets of Chestertown.  A brochure with all the pertinent times of events is just coming out from the printer shortly, so be on the lookout for places and times.  It really is a large group effort which makes Chestertown into a world class leader of equal rights for all the people.  It is something to be really proud about our area.


We will try to publish dates and times on our blog when they become available to us.  


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