H Murphy

You have to be careful when you are a judge about what you say.  Judge Murphy does a great job educating the citizens participating at Kent CBG while staying clear of voicing personal opinions and giving any reason to think he is anything except unbiased.  Judges meet out justice according to the law and not their personal feelings.  We can have confidence that is what this judge does every time he is sitting behind his bench.  It was good to hear that there have been some benefits to shorter incarceration times for many offenses where the safety of the community is not being sacrificed.  We do save taxpayer money by getting justice without needless incarceration.  Those who come out of jail after years behind bars have little hope for a decent job or community acceptance.  We ought to believe there is better that might be done.  Our legislators have made many changes which the courts must adhere to.  In time, we will know how shorter sentences work.  We will find out eventually how removing minor offenses from those who have criminal history will work with employment.  Everyone needs a chance to get a job.  You can’t punish minor crimes on a forever basis and think society somehow wins.  It is a false dream to make a large segment of the population truly without hope.
Drug treatment during incarceration, better opportunity to get into real treatment outside of jail.  These are goals that are now being achieved in some ways.  In other ways, fewer folks are in the system due to light sentences being imposed, so some who might require treatment are not in a situation where they can obtain it.  It is indeed a tricky system and full of unplanned consequences.  However, the hopeful thing is that there is a growing sympathy which encourages society to help those who need it.  We can’t give up trying for the sake of some errors in the effort.  Legislators will need to continue to revise and modify laws so that all of society gets a good chance at living normal lives.  It seems things are changing in some ways for the better.  We appreciate hearing from someone who is deeply involved with the process.



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