In layman’s terms and without taking us on a long journey of who is to blame for pollution problems in the Susquehanna River, the audience came to the general realization that the Conowingo dam really does not play a part in creating pollution in the Chesapeake.  The gradual filling of the retention lake behind the dam which is now full with silt and sediment could have always been anticipated to have filled up, but it was slow and not considered a risk when dams like this were made.  Now, the removal of the stored material would be a multi-billion dollar project.  It is not a direct fault of Excelon, but possibly they will be able to take on some of the problem in some form of a shared responsibility to the public.  It can’t be all on the dam owners and the remaining will be on the rate payers and all taxpayers.  The pollution comes down the Susquehanna from NY and PA.  What will their residents who do the polluting pay?  Who or what will force the issue?   Wait and see.


Ultimately, when and if the USA decides to end pollution of this sort in our waterways, we will understand that it it will be very difficult and very costly.  One wonders if we will ever be willing to suffer the consequences of action versus non-action.  Both situations are full of risks, costs and problems.  Hopefully, we will make wise decisions.  Putting very bright, independent and knowledgeable folks in charge of this nationwide problem of filling dams must bey done.  Then we need to act to make it happen.  Sounds like a Congressional sort of issue.  Will be get leadership in Washington DC that can make it possible?  I suppose we’ll eventually see this play out.  Hope for the best!


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