jonesjones 2Dr. Katherine L.R. Jones is the Executive Director for the Bay Area Center for Independent Living, Inc.  While they are headquartered in Salisbury, they serve residents in Kent County.  There is a long list of services, equipment and a good amount of private funds on top of the many government and grant programs that can be accessed.  We saw several great aids to communication that people with disability, regardless of how the disability arose, could be assisted to get around and especially to communicate and participate with family, friends, society and in the workplace.  Dr. Jones demonstrated a microphone a speaker can wear when addressing a room of people which increased their voice level without any sign of distortion or background noise.  Battery powered, potable and not expensive.  It will work for our own meetings when so many of us in attendance have some hearing loss.
One of the best demonstrations was the Tommy Hilfiger “adaptive” line of clothing sponsored at greatly lower than normal retail selling prices of fashionable looking clothes for all ages in the Hilfiger design which have fasteners that are primarily hidden magnets.  It was an impressive and creative way to assist those who have problems with dressing.  It was a real eye opener moment.
The progress of taking technology into helping people lead better and more fulfilling lives is impressive.  Those in attendance were impressed.  You should have been there, too.

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