Ashley Herr and Paige brought a bunch of CBD and THC products for us to look at and understand.  It would appear that nearly anyone in their retirement years may well benefit from some medication derived from Cannabis plants.  Now legal for medicinal use in Maryland, their store is named Ash and Ember and is located in Centreville near the Food Lion.  Getting a recommendation and a client ID number from Maryland seems to be easy to obtain and very little roadblock or stigma is now associated with registration or use.  We need to overcome years of these products being illegal, but we ought to find out ourselves if there are benefits of importance to be had with use of CBD and THC products.
The short term benefits appear to be reports of positive results.  There are not many long term usage results which could be found at this point.  For those of us who don’t have decades left to worry over, long term is less an issue.  Some of us remain skeptical of the effects for young users who rely on these products over extended periods of time.   
The talk was informative and diverse.  We hope the store has much success and that the taxpayers will benefit from their highly taxed revenue.  Next we will have recreational use legalized, I suppose.  In the long run, the people decide on the norms of society.  The majority will rule and life will go on.  If CBD and THC truly offer benefit to many people, why not let them enjoy these benefits legally?
We very much appreciated the presentation and the learning opportunity.

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