Amethyst McNabb, Healthcare Navigator. 8-29-2019

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Amethyst  covers the many people in Kent and Queen Anne’s counties who are able to access Medicaid and many varied subsidized Maryland state health insurance programs.  All of them have some connection with income limits.  Of course, where there are limits, there are rules and a few exceptions to rules.  Some rules are very firm while the exceptions carve out enhancements for a limited groups that might apply if properly advised.
We don’t know all the regulations and rules.  Amethyst makes that her strength and she works with people who absolutely need help in obtaining health care coverage.  It is a subject of complexity while it surely still succeeds in helping many people get the care they need.   Society needs people to be willing to help one another.  Sometimes this help must come from a trained expert who has people skills and great patience.  We all left with a far greater appreciation of how many people in our county are now able to get medical care at a price that they can pay.
Today we heard about the simplicity and elegance of green burial.  While somewhat less costly, it can be done in lavish style for those who wish it to be ecologically friendly, but still impressive.  For those seeking simplicity, low cost and remaining mindful of the environment, a green burial can be a great choice.  We also covered other options and there sure are a great number of possible choices.  What is clearly evident is that one should choose how they wish their body to be handled in advance of death.  Leaving it to a grieving and uninformed family to handle such decisions seems likely to be a large mistake, both financially and emotionally.  Planning ahead makes real sense.
You can pre-pay including built in inflation of cost protection in a lump sum or with a series of payments.  You can simply pre-plan and your family can then know your exact wishes and be assured the costs and choices were your choice.  Even if you choose not to pay in advance, the selection process is pretty much taken care of.  Hopefully, you will have not been impulsive in your selections.
We got very friendly and beneficial advice from an expert.  It was good to attend.  
Plenty of children are growing up in poverty and often left to their own instead of being nurtured by parents.  Many of them are gifted in some way, but the neglect they suffer over time often leads them to make wrong choices.  It also contributes to them falling behind in school to the point where success later in life is not going to take place.  Horizons offers a Summer program which helps to reverse the common falling back of learning.  The added counseling and mentoring seems to succeed where many programs fail.
Since Horizons is purely funded by private donations and grants, it needs your help to keep these programs alive and healthy.  It is way less costly to society to get people out of poverty by teaching them how to learn and thrive.  The presentation was touching and meaningful to attendees.  You should have been there.

Ed Minch, Head of Curriculum at WC-ALL 8-8-2019

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Ed Minch gave us the full scoop on the current offerings of WC-All.  Nearly everyone in the audience has already taken WC-ALL courses, so we know just how great this program is.  This Fall sounds like yet another winning program.  We are indeed fortunate to be near Washington College, WC-All and the diverse and interesting folks who participate as students and instructors.

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Right now the Chester River is getting a C+ for health.  It could be worse and has been. However, what can be done to make it improve further?  How far should efforts attempt to go in restricting agriculture and in regulations?  What is being done by common citizens to work to improve the water and the life is sustains?  How does a well run professional organization foster cooperation instead of becoming unreasonable and confrontational?


The presentation made good scientific sense and appealed to the common sense of community members at the same time.  When it comes to ecological concerns, many of which may be out of human control, it was a welcome change from the doom and gloom presentation of the world gone out of control.  Here we have educated leadership working for reasonable change over a long term rather than the short term without regard for those who make their livings from the land and waters of our area.


We suggest you investigate for yourselves and invest in an annual contribution to their efforts.
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