Right now the Chester River is getting a C+ for health.  It could be worse and has been. However, what can be done to make it improve further?  How far should efforts attempt to go in restricting agriculture and in regulations?  What is being done by common citizens to work to improve the water and the life is sustains?  How does a well run professional organization foster cooperation instead of becoming unreasonable and confrontational?


The presentation made good scientific sense and appealed to the common sense of community members at the same time.  When it comes to ecological concerns, many of which may be out of human control, it was a welcome change from the doom and gloom presentation of the world gone out of control.  Here we have educated leadership working for reasonable change over a long term rather than the short term without regard for those who make their livings from the land and waters of our area.


We suggest you investigate for yourselves and invest in an annual contribution to their efforts.

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