Today we heard about the simplicity and elegance of green burial.  While somewhat less costly, it can be done in lavish style for those who wish it to be ecologically friendly, but still impressive.  For those seeking simplicity, low cost and remaining mindful of the environment, a green burial can be a great choice.  We also covered other options and there sure are a great number of possible choices.  What is clearly evident is that one should choose how they wish their body to be handled in advance of death.  Leaving it to a grieving and uninformed family to handle such decisions seems likely to be a large mistake, both financially and emotionally.  Planning ahead makes real sense.
You can pre-pay including built in inflation of cost protection in a lump sum or with a series of payments.  You can simply pre-plan and your family can then know your exact wishes and be assured the costs and choices were your choice.  Even if you choose not to pay in advance, the selection process is pretty much taken care of.  Hopefully, you will have not been impulsive in your selections.
We got very friendly and beneficial advice from an expert.  It was good to attend.  

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