Amethyst McNabb, Healthcare Navigator. 8-29-2019

On August 29, 2019, in Uncategorized, by David Atlas
Amethyst  covers the many people in Kent and Queen Anne’s counties who are able to access Medicaid and many varied subsidized Maryland state health insurance programs.  All of them have some connection with income limits.  Of course, where there are limits, there are rules and a few exceptions to rules.  Some rules are very firm while the exceptions carve out enhancements for a limited groups that might apply if properly advised.
We don’t know all the regulations and rules.  Amethyst makes that her strength and she works with people who absolutely need help in obtaining health care coverage.  It is a subject of complexity while it surely still succeeds in helping many people get the care they need.   Society needs people to be willing to help one another.  Sometimes this help must come from a trained expert who has people skills and great patience.  We all left with a far greater appreciation of how many people in our county are now able to get medical care at a price that they can pay.

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