Larry Dinoff, Safety Standards Expert. 9-5-2019

On September 7, 2019, in Uncategorized, by David Atlas


Safety Standards doesn’t sound like a subject which may be interesting and deep, but when someone has a truly great understanding of it speaks on the subject, it takes on a lot of meaning that you could readily appreciate.  Our resident safety expert, Larry Dinoff, knows how to express what the importance of these rules and regulations are.  He knows and clearly tells the history are on this topic from his decades of experience.  Without such standards in place we would be far more likely to get hurt on the job, in our homes or simply going from A to B.  It is complex and very detailed, but the goal is to keep it simple enough that logic prevails.  It turns out that we have a lot of standards working all the time and while we don’t see them, our lives are better for having them.  
You missed a very good meeting if you didn’t attend.

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