Bob Jacob owns a growing and well respected small business in Kent County which produces high quality components on very modern and complex digital equipment.  He brought samples which to my trained eye, looked like jewelry.  They were so well done, so shiny and clean, and precise.  It is difficult to imagine how the programming for their creation has become so commonplace.  
He does have a challenging issue in getting employees locally, but over time he has trained his staff and knows pretty much how every job in his plant operates.  For the right person, one with inherent math and visualization ability, such a job opportunity is a perfect fit.  He needs to find those individuals and we likely have several here locally who simply don’t understand they have a desired talent.  
Bob is also one of our three County Commissioners.  He sees Kent County as a wonderful rural place to live and bring up a family while at the same time realizes that some lelements of progress are essntial for continued viability of our County and region.  
Thank you Bob for joining us a Kent CBG and telling us your story.



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